Everything is connected Part 18.

31 okt

Last week I went to Eindhoven to explore the Dutch Design Week. The last 12 years I saw the graduation show of the Design Academy Eindhoven grow into an internationally appreciated design and inspirational event. For me it’s the event of the year and this year I took the time to see and read ALL works at the DAE graduation show. It took me 3 days to read the book (460 pages) and see my selection of work and speak to the alumni. The coming days I will share some of my favorite works.

Yesterday I shared the emotional prototype of Yi-Fei Chen an how she, at her graduation, pointed her tear gun at department head Jan Boelen. The process took time to prepare, to load, to pump. Boelen became visibly uncomfortable with having a gun pointed at him. Chen maintained her rhythm. And fired. The tear hit him and melted.

Quite emotional. For both I imagine. But what if Jan Boelen was connected with Senza, the work of Stefan Bukkems;

How do you feel? An easy question right? Not really. Especially considering that there are 12 distinct human moods. Stefan Bukkems designed ‘Senza’ as a visual aid to help decipher them. A wristband measures vital signs, including heart rate, temperature, movement and skin conductivity.


This data sets Senza in motion. It changes shape depending on your emotional state.


The more angular the image, the more agitated you are, while rounded forms indicate a relaxed frame of mind. It can be used in behavioural therapy sessions provide real-time feedback on the patient’s feelings. The shape is based on the ancient Greek Pentagra symbolising inner balance and clear thinking.

Seeing what you (or the other) feels.

I see Jan Boelen with a melted tear rolling down from his cheek and behind him an edgy Senza showing his agitation. Or was he cool with a round Senza.

How do you feel

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