Master COR? si!

28 jan


Yesterday I asked ‘my’ 22 master students strategic design at the Politechnico in Milano to write me a letter from the future.

A letter dated at the end of two day Design Thinking workshop.

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I wanted to manage their expectations. After 5 minutes I asked them to chose the one important word from their letter and wrote them on a flip-over:


I promised to fire myself if I did not met all expectations. We will see.

This is day two.

Day one ended with the remark of a student that for the first time she did not had to charge her mobile phone…….because she didn’t use it!

I’m fully charged for day two.

Let’s make it an unusual, strong, inspiring, enjoyable, interactive new style of education in which we unlearn and engage, connect and develop new perspectives, illuminate ourselves and others, don’t give a fuck with an open mind so our creativity will flow,  creating complete whole new minds. Shortly: madness.

And Andy, what do you think?






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  1. CAROLINE VAN EIJKEN 28 januari 2016 at 12:28 PM #

    Prof. EnCore!

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