Hello, my name is Cor

10 sep


One of the reasons I continue writing in English is that I want to improve my English (writing). I read a lot in English the last 10 years but before that my English education stopped when I was nineteen. Nineteen nine nine nine nine nineteen.

Another reason is that Francesco, Frederico and Michelle, my Italian friends from the Politecnico in Milaan, asked me. And I thought ‘Why Not”.

Third reason is that I love to travel and this might be an way to reach an international audience that  will invite me to come and kill some Kabouters at their university or organization.

Fourth reason is my Turkish friend Recep. He asked me several times. Sorry for the delay Recep.

Fifth reason is that I want to position myself as a De Stijl Tourguide. Next year it will be 100 years that De Stijl was published. A lot of activities are in the making and I would love to be your guide. More about that later.

Sixth reason is that I’m convinced that I can’t write in English. Just like I was convinced I couldn’t write in Dutch. Some people think that after 1262 posts I still can’t but gladly he moved from Dordrecht to Ouddorp.

Seventh reason is that it makes people laugh. A good friend of mine laughed out loud. Happy to see that at least one of 7 billion cares.

Reason number 8 is, maybe the most important, that I really feel challenged. By creating this unnecessary obstacle I’m creating a new Flow experience for myself. For free!

The thinking pauses between the reasons  are getting longer. Kabouter says I can’t come up with another one.

Okay. One more.

Number nine is maybe the most important one. It takes my thinking further or should I say deeper. Doing something new takes my thinking further. And that brings me back to reason number three. I love to travel and see new places, meet new people.

Hello. My name is Cor.

Cor Noltee.



2 Responses to “Hello, my name is Cor”

  1. Elbert Ricken 10 september 2016 at 10:19 AM #

    Cor my man!

  2. Moniek Tersmette 10 september 2016 at 9:42 PM #

    Keep going, Cor. You will see that writing in English is feasible for you as well.

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