To continue in English press here.

9 sep

Here, randomly, some reactions on my decision to continue in English.


Kabouter’s translation:

“Come on Cor, you can hardly write Dutch”

You can imagine that really hurt my feelings….not.

And some people asked me Why?

Why not! Would be the advise of my good, soon to be reunited bike friend, Jacco.

Another, more positive one, was from a anonymous very loyal reader:

“Dear mr. Noltee, it was a bit of surprise to read that from now on your blog will be in english. I suppose that lecturing in Italy has brought you an international audience so on to global domination! I was curious, how did your shoot in the Amsterdam forrest work out?

More about that tomorrow.

I  go for global dominance.

Kabouter agrees.



2 Responses to “To continue in English press here.”

  1. anouschkascholten 9 september 2016 at 10:06 PM #

    Ha, ha, ha, I always though it was ‘World domination’😅

  2. paulinelerutte 10 september 2016 at 8:00 AM #

    World domination it is. Ha ha. Good luck!

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