A Kabouter a day.

11 sep

World dominance it is. But to achieve that we will have to cover the world. World coverage. In the last years this blog reached 68 countries. The message was……uhhhhh….yes Cor what was the message?? The first year was obvious about design thinking. The second and third year was about my curiosity. Than my master art education intervened. I had more than 100 conversations with Piet Mondriaan….and now what.

Last week I introduced Kabouter in the south of Italy. For the second time in my career I projected Kabouter as the last slide.

kabouter_istanbul-001 Clearly with a message: Kill your Kabouter. Everyone can be creative. It’s like a muscle. Training helps and no pain no gain. What doesn’t help is this Kabouter (some have several) on your shoulder telling you, you can’t, you won’t.

Believe me, your biggest obstacle to creativity is YOU. Compared to YOU is school  just a minor bump in the road and your parents a sidewalk telling not to cross. Many people have a talent for creating obstacles that leaves Mount Everest in the shadow.

So stop blaming Them and start killing Kabouter.


First. To kill Kabouter you have to acknowledge his existence. So give him a name and shake his miserable little hand. Tell him you know. Then show your gun. Just show it. Don’t use it….yet.

Mine looks like this. I engraved my name for extra impact.


If he laughs, or says you don’t have the guts, shoot his middle finger.


Still laughing? Clear shot through the head.



I know it’s hard….the first time. After that it will rapidly become easier and fun after a while.

If we want to change to world for the better we have to kill them all. And feel free to kill someone else’s too.

Right now Kabouters are killed in 68 countries…out of 194 or so.

Our goal?

World coverage in 126 days. A Kabouter a day keeps the No away.

Are you in?





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