Everything is connected Part 24

15 nov

This year I explored the Dutch Design Week. For me it’s the event of the year and this year I took the time to see and read ALL works at the Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show. It took me 3 days to read the book (460 pages) and see my selection of work and speak to the alumni. I’m sharing some of my favorite works on this blog connecting the works by Tate Modern’s ‘Ways of Looking’. Want to know more about Tate Modern’s ‘Ways of Looking’? Look here.

My last post was about a game by Cox Janssens about having kids….or not.

I connect Janssens game by looking at the Subject – what is it about?

It’s about kids and becoming a parent.

Kids and parents.

Renske Rothuizen made ‘Hoppa’:

“No jumping on the couch!” It’s a common phrase in many a household with kids. But how many of us don’t secretly long for those days of careless fun, when everyday furniture became a trampoline under our feet? To welcome some bounce back into our lives she created ‘Hoppa’. At first glance, it looks like a regular ‘grown- up’ couch. The distinct springy sensation upon sitting down reveals a frame snugly encased in woven elastic. Leaps and bounds are not only permitted; they are actively encouraged.


Hoppa received the Connect(r)ing Award from the Design Academy Eindhoven for reducing the generation gap.

I think if danser Nanine Linning will ever have kids Hoppa will be an option for in her living room. Danser,  choreographer and entrepreneur starts her days by jumping on her small trampoline on her balcony.


Watch the great (dutch) documentary about Nanine Linning here.


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