Everything is connected Part 3

8 okt

The last still image I shared on this blog was a still I took of the world of graphite. Graphite from a pencil from the movie ‘I, Pencil: the movie’.


The first shot from the movie that my good friend Daniel showed me later that day was a pencil.


I did’t see it at first. I saw it when I, later that evening showed the movie to another good friend Walter. Walter was just about to watch The Godfather but he didn’t because I intervened with the movie Daniel showed me earlier. Of course there was a shot about the Godfather in it. Walter and I looked at each other in awwwww.


Everything is connected for those who are connected.

John Baldesari is also connecting the dots:

Schermafbeelding 2016-10-08 om 11.23.04.png

And not making boring art anymore.

Boring? This reminds me of the slide by Souwie de Wijn in her kick off (Ass) Art Histories lecture last Tuesday.


It’s time for a Do-Nut.

Do or Do Not.

There is no try.

Have a great weekend.

Which reminds me of……..


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