23 sep


What is a dilemma? The first song that pops up in my mind is this:

A dilemma is a brain fight between two (or more) equally interesting or bad options.

Louis CK calls it a competition in your brain between ‘Ofcourse’ and ‘Maybe’:

I’m glad I’m not Louis’ nephew and take another bite of my oats with nuts.

This afternoon me and my fellow master in art education students will receive their master degree. After I was fired as Waterbakker in kindergarten I tried some universities but dropped out twice in the first year. Kabouter was in charge for years and years keeping me of track and out of Flow. Thanks to the trust of Gabrielle Kuiper and Thera Jonker I found my way in (art) education. Trying to balance my growing Knowledge (what I know X what I want X what I did X what I can) with new Challenges. It brought me to the Guggenheim, Venice, Milan and got me jobs at the Politecnico Master Strategic Design  and the Dordrechts Museum as museum educator. And don’t forget my intense friendship with Piet Mondriaan and my new friends at Het Landje in Rotterdam

So from today I will not turn my head I you call me ‘Cor’.

From today it’s Master of Arts Bernardus Cornelis Albertus Maria Noltee.

Also for you Sikko.


but maybe


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