Sorry you were saying?

22 sep

A year after my first post I printed my 364 stories and burned my ‘blog book’ together with Kabouter in a small coffin in a small church in Dordrecht.  My friend Anna Maria was there and she made this video:

My blog was gone and so was Kabouter. A year long I wrote and published before 7.00 am. I’m still writing, now killing my English Kabouter. I total I wrote about 1200 posts. Far less than the 2000 kabouters Anna Maria send me this week:


The 2.000 apping Kabouters are part of ‘Sorry you were saying?’ by Bram Ellens (38) and depicts the individualization and the growing apathy of people through their mobile phone. I wonder what the message is on their mobile. I guess they are turning off the “Share my account information” button in their WhatsApp Settings.

Wanna know why and how?

Click here.

You have till next Sunday.


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