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16 sep

Last Tuesday I had a job interview and part of the interview was a 15 minute tour for 16/17 year old HAVO 4 students designed by the applicants.  The Dordrechts Museum was looking for Museum Guides. Preparing my Tour doubt struck me hard on Sunday night. Was what I made interesting for 16/17 year old young adolescents and was it unique or could it be done by any other applicant? I decided that it was not and threw away what I had and started all over. I decided to take this sentence from my application letter as my starting point;

“this job would be the easiest way to get get my grand father in the museum again”

So the question became “How can I get my grandfather (a dutch impressionist 1903-1967) into the museum again?”

After all it was 43 years ago that he had an exhibition in the Dordrechts Museum.


I decided to bring my grandfather with me and do the tour together. Kabouter did not like the idea at all and said the they would never let me take my grandfather with me into the museum. I did it anyway. I wrapped up the self portrait  I bought years ago from Bert Jintes. Bert was a art historian and friend of my grandfather and wrote a fantastic book about the work and life of my grandfather. Bert’s book became an important connection in the tour.

Tuesday at 12.45 we arrived at he museum. It had been quite a challenge to transport grandfather with my small folding bike. But we managed. I parked grandfather next to the entrance of the museum and told the receptionist I had a meeting for a job interview at 13.00. In the meanwhile I bought 3 postcards of a portret painting by Jan Veth in the Museumshop and waited for the 3 people from the museum who would role-play 16/17 year old students as part of the interview. The 3 were all members of the education department of the museum. One of them was curious about what was inside the big brown package. I told them we first had to find the Jan Veth painting and asked them to follow ‘us’.  I heard that one of them said to security  that it was ‘okay’, meaning that it was okay for me to take that big brown package into the museum. I though “Yes. We are in!”

As soon as we arrived in the room where the Jan Veth painting was hanging I parked grandfather under the Jan Veth painting and asked the three who wanted to unwrap the big brown package. In the meanwhile security also entered the room and watched me carefully. I told the painting  was a self portrait of my grandfather Cor Noltee and that it was mine. I continued my tour with the bizar story of Bert Jintes.

To be continued.

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