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28 sep


The Art of Relevance is the title of the book by Nina Simon. I got it from Emmeline from the Dordrechts Museum as a graduation gift.

Nina has been  working to make the entire text of The Art of Relevance available here for free, with a link to a few sample chapters so you can get a taste of the book.

In the book two cognitive scientist argue that there are two criteria that make information relevant.

  1. How likely that new information is to stimulate a positive cognitive effect– to yield new conclusions that matter to you
  2. How much effort is required to obtain and absorb that new information. The lower the effort, the higher the relevance.

One of the reasons I once entered the world of branding was that I was curious about how to influence people by making ideas for brands. And to know more about how the brain works I visited Fred van Raaij’s college about Laddering in 1993.

In 1993 laddering was a relatively new technique. It can be used to describe cognitive structures of individuals or groups (Reynolds and Gutman, 1984, 1988). In marketing it can be applied to describe the knowledge consumers have about a product or a brand by making the distinction between different end values, consequences and attributes.

The old version of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle? A kind of Golden Structure of your brand.

Some examples of the old Why, How and What of Fred:


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