26 sep

I’m reading a book by Gijsbert van der Wal, Wijd open ogen. (Wide open eyes. Pieces about art and the pleasure of looking). In the chapter I read yesterday there was this story about dutch artist Ewoud Broeksma (1957). Broeksma shows, in his ongoing serie Dubbelaars (Doubles), two pictures of the same male model. One with and one without clothes. It’s not that I’m curious about a naked man, I prefer women and one in particular laying naked just 2 meter and 80 centimeters above me, no it’s the contrast that makes me curious.

When I was a young boy we had this small magician shop in Dordrecht where they sold  magic glasses. I never believed it could be possible, putting your magic glasses on and see through the clothes of people. I never bought one. Maybe my curiousity about the work of Broeksma is fed by my decades long subconscious need to see people naked. I’m about to Google ‘Ewoud Broeksma Dubbelaars so if you are, or watching with 18-, it’s not my responsibility.


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