Everything is connected Part 10

22 okt


I noticed that I connected most artwork and artists by Object, on what I see. Maybe that is obvious for a layman in the art field to connect on the Object because you do not know much about the Subject and the Context. Starting point for most of my connection were based on what I see, a stair, fire or what I hear/read, like Frank Underwoods quote about the above ‘Fate of the rebel flag’ by Wm. Bauly;  “the rebel flag sinking into oblivion”.

Rebel reminds me of Rebel Rebel by David Bowie. Why? Because I sometimes feel like a rebel? Because I like the song? Because I saw David Bowie’s exhibition in Groningen which felt like walking around in his creative process and paying him respect.  The world we live in, and the things we surround ourselves with, will frame the way we see things. Our country or region of origin, family, homes and environments affect our interpretation.

Schermafbeelding 2016-10-22 om 08.50.55.png

What are your associations with rebel? I bet that if I ask 10 different people to write down 10 associations on Rebel in one minute that there will be not one association we all share.

From Wm. Bailey’s ‘Fate of the rebel flag’ to David Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’. Bowie will never sink into oblivion.



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