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13 sep

I don’t know where I stole it but it’s the easy to remember ‘Why’ to shut up Kabouter. Shutting up Kabouter is especially useful when you are looking for meaningful insights. Then it’s good to just listen. To the people, the place or products you are working with or for. But listening is hard with a Kabouter that is constantly judging. About you or the situation you are in. To listen you have to be silent. That’s it. Did you get it? Or was Kabouter talking in between?

Ok here it is again. To listen you have to be silent. They call it an anagram.

Just like Axl Rose is an anagram for oral sex.

I hope the silent-listen anagram will help you on you creative quest.

Spread the word. Keep killing.

We are on our way to world coverage. In the last 24 hours nine countries were  added which brings it to a total of 78 Kabouter Killing Countries.

Spread the world!


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